"I want to be somebody’s first choice"

One of my favorite quotes happens to be from a pretty shitty movie: “Something Borrowed”. It’s a romcom that basically encourages cheating as long as the other woman is a bitch who deserves it. But anyways, disregarding the movie it’s from, this quote brings up several important topics that have related to me as of last night. 

First off, this “girl fight girl world” is bogus. Women need to look out for each other. We can’t spend our time calling each other “bitch” or “slut” or “skank” regardless of how much we actually mean it. I still suffer from this affliction, of judging people’s sexuality based off of what they wear, or say or do, but I’m making a conscious effort to change it, and that’s always the first step. But anyways, what happened to women SUPPORTING each other? Aren’t we supposed to always have each others backs? Never hook up with each other’s exs? You know, chicks before dicks and all that stuff? I still think it’s true, but a recent event as of late briefly made me feel that the universal possibility of this mentality can’t happen.

However this not so positive event has reminded me that I have strong female friends, much stronger, kinder, more beautiful than the original female who hurt my feelings. As the flood of texts came through my phone, I felt this light. I felt much better, because even though I had one person stab me in the back, I had ten others make sure that I was okay. And to that person. I only feel sorry for you. I wish you all the best, because the decision you made was not only poor, but one that will backfire in your face. Ultimately most women will support each other and if you don’t learn to do the same, then you soon might realize you’re all on your own, except for a few lonely nights with mediocre hookups who don’t care about you or what happens to you. I honestly hope you realize what you did, and the negative consequences that may happen soon. 

Secondly, this quote is also related to my second conclusion of the night. Sometimes in college we settle for mediocre people, people who don’t actually care about us or kick us to the curb when they’re done. And as fun as that can be, ultimately in life you want to find that one person who thinks that “the sun shines out of your ass” (yeah I’m quoting Juno…we’re at that stage now). I’m not saying that you should find someone to only boost your ego or what not, I’m just saying you should wait for somebody who deserves you. Who actually gives a shit about you and wants to see your stupid dumb face once a day. Everyone deserve that, and everyone should get that. Don’t settle for some dumbass just because he has one thing in mind. If some guy doesn’t realize how wonderful you are, then good. It wasn’t meant to be anyways. 

Obviously the second opinion was my thoughts on my own life. I was in the non-relationship stage for quite a while. And I guess I still am. But I think everyone comes to this conclusion eventually at their own pace.